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Until recently medical only a few widely available examinations, including minami blood and urine tests, that provided additional information about the patient’s help, could help doctors in addition to their medical knowledge and experience. Even now, these tests have not lost their importance, but often they are not sufficient to diagnose the illness in time and determine the best treatment.

Ultrasound – fast and accurate diagnostic method Ultrasound

Ultrasound (USG) is one of the most widely used examination methods, that can quickly and accurately help diagnosing the illness. It is based on the ability of ultrasound to reflect in a different way than organs and tissue, which allows to identify tissue changes and presence of pathological processes.

Ultrasound is painless and harmless, it has no age limit. It can be repeated without limitations., including children and pregnant women. Based on the ultrasound examinations, the doctor will receive detailed information about patient’s health, in addition in a very short period of time.

How to prepare for ultrasound examination?

The treating doctor refers to the examination. Before the ultrasound you should make sure that:

  • in the case of abdominal organs examination, you should arrive with an empty stomach, you mustn’t eat 6-8 hours before the examination, but you are allowed to drink (juice, tea, water), it is actually recommended;
  • in the case of bladder examination, it should be moderately full, but not completely, the patient should not feel discomfort;
  • in the case of neck, thyroid, joint, breast and vascular examination no preparation is needed.

Sometimes it is needed to administer contrast agents in order to visualize the organs or tissue. The radiologist decides on each case individually.

Depending on the examination procedure it usually lasts 15-45 minutes. The patient can receive the results right after the examination or in an email obtaining the information at the reception.

The complex approach to diagnosis and treatment

Treating doctor refers to ultrasound. Our clinic provides full medical care ranging from diagnosis to treatment and rehabilitation. You can do it all – receive a referral to an examination and get examined, receive a qualified consultation about the diagnostics and treatment of your disease – in just one place, in our clinic, from our experts.

If the patient has a general practitioner referral to an examination and the general practitioner has a contract with the National Health Service, the examinations are paid by the National Health Service. 

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