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The latest and most powerful apparatus, with the help of which diagnostic examinations can be performed, is only part of the process of diagnosing. Equally important, if not more important, are the result explanations and descriptions. Sometimes the clinics, especially more in the countryside, have new and high-quality equipment, but they lack high skilled radiologists, who could describe the results.

Teleradiology is making remote descriptions for radiological examinations Teleradiology

This means that the radiologist can do the analysis and the description remotely – physically being in a different location.

With teleradiology, everyone has got access to highly skilled radiologists, including specialists in different fields, consultations. It allows to obtain a more precise diagnosis and qualitative examination descriptions for both doctors and patients. For example, if magnetic resonance imaging, X-ray, computed tomography examinations are performed in Rezekne, there is no need to go to Riga to obtain the results. The doctor in Rezekne can send the pictures to the clinic “DiaMed”, where highly skill radiologist will perform diagnostics and send the conclusions back to Rezekne. This way, high-quality diagnostic results can be obtained in even a few hours.

Remote diagnostics and diagnostics provides valuable information about the examination. The images obtained during the examination are analysed by highly skilled specialists, who prepare an accurate and detail description of the image, which helps the treating doctor to diagnose and choose the most effective treatment.

In clinic DiaMed descriptions are done by the best radiologists in Latvia, trusted by both patients and doctors: professor Kārlis Kupčs (blood vessels), dr. Sarmīte Dzelzīte (head examinations and soft tissue), dr. Ingūna Bridāne (joints), dr. Evija Olmane (abdominal examinations, head and spinal examinations), dr. Uldis Raits (head and spinal examinations), dr. Justīne Deičmane (joints), dr. Jolanta Rozentāle (head and spinal examinations), dr. Ingūna Otisone (head and spinal examinations).

The preparation of the description and the transmission time largely depends on the type of examination and specific features. We agree separately on each case.

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Faced with the need to obtain detailed information about radiology examination results, ring us -+371 67471788 or mobile - +371 27873073, +371 29210586 and we will help you

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