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Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery


Wrinkles, so called “crow’s feet”, bags under eyes dark circles and extra skin can make the face look tired and sad, in addition to signs of aging.

Until recently, plastic surgery was among the medical and beauty procedures, which were available for only specific members of the public. Moreover, the recovery period after the plastic surgery was very long, which prevented people from fully returning to the normal everyday life.

Effective modern solutions Plastic Surgery

Nowadays plastic surgery no longer requires a long recovery, it is performed qualitatively and according to the highest standards, leaving almost no visible scars. It is becoming increasingly accessible to everyone and is perceived more as a medical procedure, that improves the quality of life. This includes some facial correction procedures which are often chosen by men and women.

Blefaroplastic – eyelid correction.

Eyelid cosmetic surgery is chosen by people with droopy eyelids, bags under eyes, dark circles, upper eyelid drooping, eyebrow “descent”, etc.

As a results, patients receive a “fresh” look and freed from the dark circles or extra skin.

Otoplasty – ear pinna correction.

Ear correction is chosen if the ears are strikingly recessed from the head. The surgery has no age limit. During the operation, the size or shape is corrected. The ear pinna plastic correction does not affect hearing and the effect is permanent.

Patients are advised by and the body aesthetic surgeries are performed by experienced high-class specialists. Clinic’s “DiaMed” operating room is equipped with world-class standard modern technology and provides patients with high quality and safe medical care, as well as post-surgery care in the clinic day patient ward.

How to plan a plastic surgery?

When you are at a plastic surgeon’s consultation, you can find out and examine the body aesthetic correction options and plan your surgery date with the doctor.

To find out the prices of different types of plastic surgery, please, contact our clinic!

The duration of plastic surgery may vary depending on the type and each patient’s case is evaluated individually. Find out all the information about your planned surgery from your doctor! plastic surgery

Make an appointment with the plastic surgeon by ringing +371 67471788 or mob. +371 27873073, +371 29210586 on weekdays from 8am to 8pm. 

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Plastic Surgery

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