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Brain and spinal cord tissue damage, in the spine or peripheral nervous system can lead to various serious health problem starting with pain, that affects the healthy parts of the body as well, movement restrictions, that can be short and insignificant, up to paresis or even paralysis. One thing is clear – nervous system illnesses can be severe and can significantly affect a person’s quality of life, which is why they should be treated with great seriousness.

Opportunities provided by neurosurgery Neurosurgery

Brain and spinal cord, spine, peripheral nerve illnesses and their surgical treatment is the main focus of medical branch – neurosurgery, which combines both neurology and surgical specialties. After a thorough examination of the patient, depending on the illness or character of the injury, neurosurgeon provides surgical or conservative treatment.

The human nervous system is very complex, the diagnosis and treatment methods are complicated. Malignant and benign tumours, as well as traumatic injuries in the head, spine, peripheral nerves, bleeding in the brain and a number of other various illnesses are treated by neurosurgeons, who often specialize in more specific areas, such as neurovascular surgery, which deals with brain and spinal cord blood circulation disorder treatment (aneurysm, bleeding, vascular stenosis, thrombosis, etc.).

With the help of rapid development of minimally invasive surgery equipment and technology, neurosurgery treatment methods are becoming less harmful and are increasing the chance to perform more complex surgeries, that are less painful for the patient’s, and minimise the risk of complications. Invertebral disk termoablation belongs to these minimally invasive methods, it is used to treat the pain caused by disc hernation, as well as dynamic fixation of the back, with the help of which back pain, that is caused by nerve root imprint on the intervertebral hole, is being treated, as well as other illnesses, that doctors are treating with the help of minimally invasive and low risk surgeries.

Patients are consulted and the treatment manipulations are performed by experienced neurosurgeons. Clinic’s “DiaMed” operating room is equipped with modern technologies, that are world-class standard, and provides patients with high-quality and safe medical care, including post-surgery care in the clinic’s day patient ward.

What should I do to receive the most suitable treatment?

At the consultation with the neurosurgeon, the patient obtains comprehensive information about the illness, the damages and the possibilities of treatment. The doctor evaluates the patient’s health condition and determines the most effective treatment. Coming to the consultation bring any health related information and paperwork to the consultation – any previous examination and test results, medical institution extracts, consultant conclusions etc.

The duration of the neurosurgical manipulation (surgery) depends on its type and the patient’s health condition. All the information about the planned manipulation can be provided by your doctor!

Our clinic “DiaMed” provides full medical care ranging from diagnosis to treatment and rehabilitation. You can do it all – receive a referral to an examination and get examined, receive a qualified consultation about the diagnostics and treatment of your illness – in just one place, in our clinic, from our experts.

Make an appointment by ringing +371 67471788 or mob. +371 27873073, +371 29210586 on weekdays from 8am to 8pm. neurosurgery

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