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Up until the end of the 20th century, vascular treatment was very long and traumatic, it demanded a long post-surgery recovery time. In addition, it was very unpleasant for the patients and prolonged bed rest was required.

Many people in Latvia suffer from venous insufficiency or varicose veins, mostly women. This vein illness is dangerous, because it tends to spread onto the healthy veins, in addition the damage done by the illness can interfere with fully enjoying life because of cosmetic defects and pain and discomfort. If the treatments is not started in time, complications such as thrombosis, thrombophlebitis, trophic ulcers and even thromboembolisms can develop, which can lead to a fatal outcome.

Treatment of vascular illnesses in our clinic Minimally Invasive Vascular treatments

Minimally invasive means intervening the human’s body with minimal tissue trauma, as a result after this procedure or surgery the patient feels less pain and the recovery process is quick, complications occur very rarely.

The principles of modern vascular surgery have significantly changed. With the help of the latest technologies, vascular treatment has become less traumatic for the patient. Diagnostic methods and laser surgery, vein ablation and other methods are not traumatic. They are performed under local anesthesia and after the surgery the patient can go home and resume everyday life.

Patients are consulted and the treatment manipulations are performed by experienced vascular surgeons (phlebologists). Clinic’s “DiaMed” operating room is equipped with modern technologies, that are world-class standard, and provides patients with high-quality and safe medical care, including post-surgery care in the clinic’s day patient ward.

How do I receive treatment?

At the consultation with vascular surgeon (phlebologist) the patient will receive comprehensive information about the condition of blood vessels and the possibilities to treat the illness, as well as together with the doctor it is possible to choose the time and date of the minimally intrusive manipulation. Coming to the consultation bring any health related information and paperwork to the consultation – any previous examination and test results, medical institution extracts, consultant conclusions etc.

Minimally invasive vascular treatment manipulation duration time depends on its type and in the case of each patient can vary. All the information about the planned manipulation can be provided by your doctor!

Our clinic “DiaMed” provides full medical care ranging from diagnosis to treatment and rehabilitation. You can do it all – receive a referral to an examination and get examined, receive a qualified consultation about the diagnostics and treatment of your illness– in just one place, in our clinic, from our experts.

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Minimally Invasive Vascular treatments

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