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Peripheral nervous system illness signs may include pain, numbness, tingling, burning, as well as movement disorders. Similar signs may be related to other illnesses. To select the most effective method of treatment it is important to determine the cause of health problems and accurately diagnose the illness.

Electromyography – method of diagnosis for assessing nerve and muscle health Electromyography

By performing an electromyography examination it is possible to obtain information about the peripheral nerve and skeletal muscle damage. It is a muscle biopotential registration method. While the patient is at rest and at ease, as well as light and maximal muscle contractions, nerve stimulations is performed with the help of electric current and the muscle potential is recorded with needle-like electrodes.

Electromyography (EMG) investigates:

  • mononeuropathies or polyneuropathy (one or several nerve damages), including arm and leg compression neuropathy,
  • traumatic damages of the peripheral nervous system,
  • radiculopathy and plexopathy,
  • muscle illness,
  • spinal cord illness,
  • motoneuron or motor (movement) neuron illnesses, etc.

As a result of electromyography procedure nerve, muscle and synapsis dysfunctions, that are responsible for transmission of the irritation signal between the nerve and the muscle, can be detected

How to prepare for electromyography procedure?

The treating doctor refers to the electromyography procedure. Neurologist, who carries out the examination, will tell the patient about the examination procedure and provides guidance about the activities carried out during the procedure. To perform the examination, adequate communication with the patient is needed, e.g. so the patient would be able to understand the tasks and concentrate on the examination.

Before the examination it is necessary to inform the doctor about the presence of a pacemaker or other electrical medical device, skin infections or blood-thinning medication, any other specific preparation for this procedure is not necessary.

There are no restrictions for having an electromyography procedure for pregnant or breast-feeding women, as well as children. However, it should be noted that during the examination the patient should be able to understand and concentrate on the task, which is why this procedure can be done on children only depending on individual characteristics, when a conscientious age has been reached.

There are a few restrictions for carrying out electromyography procedure:

  • disturbed or limited contact with the patient, that is the patient is unable to understand the tasks and evaluate the received sensory irritations (loss of consciousness, confusion, partially impaired consciousness, dementia, hearing impairments, deafness, child in an unconscientious age, etc.);
  • difficult access to the area that needs to be examined (plaster or any other bandages, etc.);
  • the skin on the part of body that needs to be examined is inflamed or damaged in any other way;
  • if the patient has a transmissible illness, the use if needle electrodes is restricted;
  • the patient has excessive sensitivity or inadequate reaction to electrical current pulse or the input of pins.

The examination lasts for 20-30 minutes up to 1 hour and the results can be obtained immediately after the examination.

The complex approach to diagnosis and treatment

Treating doctor refers to electromyography. Our clinic provides full medical care ranging from diagnosis to treatment and rehabilitation. You can do it all – receive a referral to an examination and get examined, receive a qualified consultation about the diagnostics and treatment of your disease – in just one place, in our clinic, from our experts. 

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