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Sometimes vascular health problems are detected too late, when a person has had a stroke or other vascular disorder related illnesses. Risks, that are related to frequent headaches, sharp blood pressure fluctuations, severe spondylosis or high level of cholesterol, are frequently not adequately assessed. Atherosclerosis is usually perceived as a matter of aging process, not enough attention is paid until it is too late to significantly improve the health.

Leg vein health problems are widespread, they are usually characterized by unpleasant sensations (tingling, freezing, swelling, limb increase in size, pain), a timely diagnosis and treatment can significantly help to improve health and quality of life.

Dopplerography – vascular examination with ultrasound Dopplerography

This method investigates the head, heart, lungs, blood vessels of arms and legs both arteries and veins. Dopplerography is highly recommended for diagnosing the health problems mentioned above. In addition, this technology allows to discover the initial atherosceloris processes, as well as deep leg vein damage. 

A special machine records the blood flow direction and speed in the blood vessels, allowing to judge the illness related changes and the functional state of blood vessels. Dopplerography is often used as an additional method of examination for echocardiography (heart ultrasound) examination, which are performed with the same machine.

Dopplerography is used both for diagnosis and to evaluate the effectiveness of the prescribed treatment.

With the dopplerography method it is possible to accurately demonstrate blood flow dysfunctions and any blood vessel narrowings in the brain and the degree of it. The method of examination of these dysfunctions is called neurosonography. It is equally effective examining arm and leg blood vessels. Common leg vein widenings are related to deep vein damage, which can only be detected by these examinations.

Based on the dopplerography examinations, the doctor will receive detailed information about the patient’s health.

How to get ready for the dopplerography procedure?

The treating doctor refers to the examination.  No special preparation is needed before dopplerography procedure.

Dopplerography is painless and harmless, it has no age limit. Depending on the examination procedure it usually lasts 20-30 minutes. The patient can receive the results right after the examination or in an email obtaining the information at the reception.

The complex approach to diagnosis and treatment

Treating doctor refers to dopplerography. Our clinic provides full medical care ranging from diagnosis to treatment and rehabilitation. You can do it all – receive a referral to an examination and get examined, receive a qualified consultation about the diagnostics and treatment of your disease – in just one place, in our clinic, from our experts.

If the patient has a general practitioner referral to an examination and the general practitioner has a contract with the National Health Service, the examinations are paid by the National Health Service. 

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