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The idea of a prolonged stay in the hospital is often the reason that discourages people from day-patient treatment, pretending to be busy, increasingly postponing the treatment of health problems. Often there are situations, where people due to different circumstances are unable to get out of the house or work for a few days, to receive complex examinations or medical manipulations.

Modern approach to treatment in the day patient ward Day Patient Ward

With the help of technological development, medical manipulations that once requited several days, now can be done in just one day. Day patient ward has been created for this purpose, it gives the patient the opportunity to receive diagnosis and treatment almost without changing their everyday life and work regime.

Within a few hours the patient can receive the necessary treatment or examinations and can leave the same day. Day patient ward doctors carry out both complex diagnostic examination and conservative treatment, as well as rehabilitation. The patient needs to stay only as long as the treatment process is taking place.

Clinic’s “DiaMed” day patient ward is in accordance with the modern requirements, is staffed by experienced, knowledgeable and responsible professionals. Here patients receive the highest quality medical care and comfortable conditions in the shortest time possible. Cosily furnished rooms and comfortable conditions make the patient’s stay in the day patient ward enjoyable and allows to completely indulge in the recovery process.

Time of stay and in the day patient ward depends on the treatment and the medical manipulation.

The length of stay depends on the type of medical manipulation and patient’s health condition.

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