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The human body is a unity. Often patients experience difficulties, as when they seek help in a medical institution, there is only limited amount of medical services that are provided. Consequently, to have a consultation with another specialist or have diagnostic examinations, it is needed to go to another medical institution. Such restrictions are wasting patient’s time, money and hinders the recovery process.

Clinic “DiaMed” provides full complex medical care Consultations with doctors

You can do it all –receive a qualified consultation, diagnose and treatment of your illness – in just one place, in our clinic, from our experts. Our clinic’s operating room is equipped with world-class standard modern technology, we perform surgeries and other invasive manipulations, providing our patients wth safe and high-quality medical care, including post-surgery care in our clinic’s day patient ward.

In our clinic the patients are consulted and the manipulations are performed by highly qualified professionals with experience in Latvian and foreign clinics. At the consultation the patient will receive comprehensive information about the health condition and possible most effective treatment.

Which cases can our specialists consult?

Invasive radiologists don’t only diagnose the illnesses, but also treat the patients by using radiological imaging techniques such as fluoroscopy, ultrasound, computed tomography, magnetic resonance, as well as various combinations of these methods. They are carried out using invasive diagnostics and therapeutic manipulations – tissue samples are taken from various organs to diagnose the illness or treatment is performed, that is, radio frequency ablation is done, blockades are inserted, vascular expansion is done, stents are inserted, other minimally invasive manipulations with high precision and efficiency can be done.

Surgeons consult in the cases of hernia, abdominal pain, pain in the rectal are and bowel movement disorders with or without blood, various skin and subcutaneous formations, dilated veins, skin and subcutaneous infections (furuncles, rosacea), hand, feet, finger and toe purulent inflammations, various bruises, joint sprains, skin lesions (abrasions, burns, etc.), other poorly healing wounds and ulcers.

Neurologists treat central, peripheral and autonomic nervous system illnesses. The most frequent complaints, when the help of a neurologist should be sought, are prolonged and severe headaches, dizziness, balance disorders, unconsciousness seizures with or without cramps, sensory disturbances, tingling sensation in the body, muscle weakness, loss of mobility, speech and memory disorders, back pain.

Neurosurgeons consult in the cases of brain and spinal cord injuries, spinal disc hernia, cerebral vascular lesions, brain and spinal cord tumours, neuralgia, etc. If back pain and vertebral illnesses are present, help is provided by a neurosurgeon-vertebrologist.

Traumatologists-orthopedists consult in the cases of various bone and joint illnesses, as well as trauma, in addition diagnostics and therapeutic arthroscopy can be done, blockades and other manipulations can be performed.

Cardiologists consult and make a diagnostic plan in order to evaluate the cardiovascular system health condition and choose the most effective treatment.

 Plastic surgeons during the consultation examine the part of the body, that is planned to operate and evaluate if there are any factors, that could negatively affect the results of the surgery or desired result.

Audio speech therapists help in the cases of speech disorders, including incorrect sound pronunciation, sound mix ups or replacement of sounds, not pronouncing individual sounds, language and speech understanding disturbances, speech development delay, which is usually seen in children. Adults often need the help of speech therapist if it is necessary to help with speech disorders after various neurological illnesses and brain injuries.

Besides the above mentioned professionals, in our clinic DiaMed we also have

Physicians (internists) – helping in both acute and chronic internal illnesses;

Rheumatologists, who treat rheumatic illnesses, including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, systemic red lupus, scleroderma, various arthritis and other illnesses;

Psychiatrists provide help in the cases of mental and behavioural disorder diagnosis, treatment, prevention and rehabilitation.

Physical rehabilitation after trauma, illnesses and in any other cases is provided by our physiotherapists and masseurs.

Make an appointment by ringing our customer service +371 67471788, +371 27873073, +371 29210586 or coming to our clinic in Riga, Brivibas Gatve 214. Coming to the consultation bring any health related information and paperwork to the consultation – any previous examination and test results, medical institution extracts, consultant conclusions etc. if you have any.

The duration of the consultation varies and depends on its type and the health condition of the patient.

Make an appointment by ringing +371 67471788 or mob. +371 27873073, +371 29210586 on weekdays from 8am to 8pm.

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