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Beauty Injections


The human face is a mirror of emotions and this mirror retains traces of these emotions, causing facial skin wrinkles. Over the years, more and more of the facial skin loses elasticity and mimicry caused dents become deeper, more lasting and tend to make the person look sad, angry, tired or any other facial expression, which does not reflect the true emotion. It can interfere with communication and building relationships with other people.

Beauty injections to improve the well-being and joy of living Beauty Injections

Facial contour corrections are increasingly chosen by both women and men, thus longer retaining a youthful appearance, beauty and joy of life, and at the same time without having any complicated surgeries.

Botulinum injection

Injected botulinum toxin reduces nerve impulses to the facial muscles that create the facial features, thereby preventing specific muscle contractions. After injection of botulinum in specific areas, the skin becomes smooth and around the injection the wrinkles smooth out, but the rest of the facial musculature is functioning as normal, so the normal facial expression does not change.

Botulinum injections have been used in medicine, treating ophthalmological and neurological disorders, as well as preventing visible aging signs for over forty years. The procedure is painless and effectively refreshes the overall appearance of the face, it smooths out any unwanted wrinkles.

Hyaluronic acid filler injection

The injection smooths wrinkles attracting the water in the tissues, thus restoring skin moisture and elasticity, allowing to recover the lost volume of lips and cheeks.

Hyaluronic acid attracts water in our body, moisturizes the skin and gives it volume. Aging of the body reduces production of hyaluronic acid and the hyaluronic acid gel injection under the skin replaces its lost volume. However, as time passes, the hyaluronic acid is naturally absorbed in the body. To obtain long-lasting effect, the procedure must be repeated, although some tissues retain the acquired shape, wrinkles do not come back.

Essence of the procedure and the effect

Beauty injections are a simple and safe procedure. With a fine needle, the plastic surgeon will inject a microscopic dose of the active substance. Anesthesia is not required. Patients usually describe the injection as an insect sting. Almost right after the procedure the patient can return to everyday life.

The result can be visible immediately and the effect lasts for several months. Around the injection the wrinkles are smoothed out, however the characteristic human facial features remain. If the small facial refreshing procedures are done in the right time, excellent immediate effect can be achieved with less time and money. If repeated, the effect becomes more durable and resilient.

Where do I start if I want beauty injections?

You can obtain a lot of comprehensive information on beauty injection methods and their effect at the consultation with the plastic surgeon and evaluate together with the doctor which of these aesthetic correction procedures are most suitable for particular problems.

The procedure usually last around 30 min up to 1 hour.

Make an appointment with the plastic surgeon by ringing +371 67471788 or mob. +371 27873073, +371 29210586 on weekdays from 8am to 8pm. botox, fillers

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Beauty Injections

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