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Welcome to the Diamed clinic! We are a private treatment institution offering diagnostic services, professional medical advice and minimally invasive surgical procedures for a comprehensive solution of our patients’ health problems. Minimally invasive procedures mean less pain, fewer days in the clinic, minimized scarring, reduced incidence of postoperative complications, faster recovery and restoration of one’s normal daily comfort level.

Why choose Diamed services? We keep in mind what is most convenient to you and we are aware that a patient should never be left waiting: so we work longer hours and provide you with an expert opinion within 24 hours after the diagnostic tests have been completed....

Diamed is able to provide a full spectrum of medical services ranging from diagnostics carried out with the help of state-of-art medical equipment to a therapy course advised by a qualified specialist or surgical assistance. Accurate diagnosis is crucial in choosing the best option for treatment; therefore, we work with the most modern magnetic resonance imaging, CT scanning and ultrasound equipment. Our physicians are recognized experts in their fields and their expert opinion is safe to rely on.

The Diamed clinic specializes in complex surgical procedures which are minimally invasive with a view to minimizing surgical intervention, preventing the risk of complications and ensuring speedy recovery and a quick return to normal life.

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Telephone: +371 6 7471788
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Address: Bruņinieku iela 5,
Building 17, 1st floor, LV-1001
(The grounds of First Riga Hospital)

Address: Olīvu ielā 5a
Torņakalns, Riga LV-1004

Telephone: +371 6 7471788
Mob.telephone: +371 2 7873073
+371 2 921 0586
Fax: +371 6 770 9596
E-mail: info@diamed.lv

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